Skoda : Fabia VRS

ŠKODA used to be the marque of the middle-aged, the middle-of-the-road, and the middle-motorway-lane. our challenge was not merely to get young, testosterone fuelled drivers to take the new ŠKODA vRs seriously. But also to take it for a test drive. And whatever we did, it had to integrate seamlessly with the existing above-the- line 'lovely and mean' campaign.

We launched a facebook competition which scanned your profile, data and social activity giving players a rating based on their lovely or mean behaviour. so if you're the kind of person who regularly wishes friends happy birthday, you're lovely rating will be dramatically higher than someone who listens to Black sabbath eg.

After 4 weeks and a last minute scramble for votes, the loveliest person won a skoda fabia, the meanest won the suped-up fabia vRs.

The social campaign was supported by a lovely/mean CGI microsite showing off the benefits of the lovely Fabia with it's boot full of waving gingerbread men - and the mean vRS with it's fire breathing exhaust and snake filled engine; a youtube channel takeover featuring venom spitting serpent, and a series of banner ads which responded to the user's lovely or mean interaction.

Watch the film >

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