A bit about me

I'm an award winning Creative Director with a background in art direction and a keen eye for copy and TOV creating muliti-channel campaigns across digital, social, print and film.

My career can be pretty much summarised in three parts.

I always wanted a book that felt as if it had been created by 10 different people, so Salford with their 'anti-style' stance was the perfect choice for me and represented the cutting edge of graphic design at the time. Their 'nail the concept first' mantra has remained with me ever since. The 90's was about learning the visual language, developing a finely tuned eye, gaining an intuitive sense of what looked right at a glance and being able to rectify it quickly while making sure it answered the brief in an engaging, lateral way. I was a typography anorak and could spot a bit of dodgy kerning or baggy leading from 50 yards. And the Big Idea above all, remained paramount.

Towards the end of the 90s I made the cross over from print to a pure digital agency and it was around this time I started to see creative in a very different way. Suddenly I was in a collaborative environment working amongst people with massively disparate skills and backgrounds, it felt like being part of a movement. The idea of curating a back catalogue of yellowing print felt distinctly backward and a little bit lonesome, what you lost in tangibility you gained in creating experiences and bouncing off other people. Of course, the stuff we wanted to make often couldn't be done at the time, part of the fun was finding ingenious ways around challenges which in the grand scheme of things would go towards pushing technology further. It also created a natural transition into art direction and the loose, digital agency structure of the day allowed me to conceptualise and visualise simultaneously while heading up teams of talented creatives, designers, writers, coders and hybrids.

So the noughties were spent stepping away from the mouse towards the marker pen and using my strategic, creative grey-matter more while formally teamed with a writer (Nick Hay, John Vinton and Phil Rhodes currently) and collaborating with tight project teams. I'm still passionate about craft – now more than ever there seems to be a dirth of those kind of skills in the industry. And I still have any number of creative briefs to juggle whilst leading campaign teams, meeting clients, steering the creative process and the other little hidden tasks that come with my current CD role. I consider myself to be pretty lucky to get paid doing a job I love and to have worked with some amazing people; I also think one of the most satisfying things imaginable is to mentor someone and see them, evolve, grow, go on to bigger and better things.

And the future? Well, I'm still learning something new everyday, my ambition is to carry on learning and to make a big difference at one or two more agencies over the next decade before I make a leap into the unknown. Ideally a small collaborative of like minded thinkers and doers ready to start something completely different.

Nothing does the work justice quite as much as showing it face to face, so if you fancy finding out more about what I've been up to, just give me a shout >

If you want a specific breakdown of where I've been and who I've worked with, this is a good starting point >

And if you want to know more about the bloke behind the work, it's not you, it's me, me me >