O2 : Priority

Like all mobile providers, O2 were trapped in a constant race attracting new customers with the newest phones and the cheapest tariffs. They decided that enough was enough and set out to become a challenger brand that would truly put its customers first.

We were heavily involved in the strategy behind O2 Priority which was the start of building customer relationships by rewarding them with unique and relevant o2 experiences, such as tickets to your favourite gig 48-hours before non o2 customers eg.

For the launch of O2 Priority, we created tantilising peaks behind the Priority door into the world of O2, a world 'beyond the ordinary' where customers come first and good things can come your way. This would include an award winning campaign first, using mobile image-recognition technology to reveal 'virtual' prizes hidden behind the Priority door in traditional press and outdoor ads, directly to your phone screen in an instant.

Over the next 2 years O2 Priority evolved into a more data driven beast and spawned 'Priority Tickets' and 'Priority Moments' offering customers discounts and unique offers based on preferences, intelligent data and geo-location. This allowed us to deliver super relevant creative and content in a way unique to the type of devices and media channels a specific consumer would be engaged with.

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