Lemsip : Flavour Fusion Bonanza

It's the classic modern brief. "We've got a new product and no advertising budget, can we just market it to our disengaged Facebook fans. Oh, and we want it to go viral".

With two new Lemsip flavours to promote (Apple and Cinnamon, Honey and Ginger), we set to work and a Facebook competition was born. We set up the Flavour Fusion Bonanza fronted by our 2 Lemmy characters on the set of a slightly kitsch gameshow set giving away 'must have' daily, flavour inspired prizes. Starting with ginger biscuits and working all the way up to a trip to the Big Apple where we see our characters riding shotgun on a yellow taxi and swinging from the Statue of Liberty, we captured the imagination of the Facebook fans while smashing all previous engagement stats.

And we managed it completely organically while retaining an amount of charm in the art direction and tone of copy, all within the tight constraints of pharmaceuticals. A minor victory.