Sony Mobile : Creative Direction

We got off to a stellar start with Sony Mobile having won the business from LBI in 2015 with our ‘48 Hour’ campaign. All Europen and many global markets ran with our concept putting their own media budgets behind it which was a first for Sony. And the results were pretty amazing too.

Over the past 3 years we have continued to build on our early success with global, bi-annual digital/social activations essentially reaching the parts 30” tv ads can’t with brilliantly engaging ways of prolonging the conversation and extending our reach long after the ATL media has dried up.

I’m really proud of the work we’ve done for Sony. Mobile is an incredibly competitive and politically complex market – our campaigns bely the challenges and budgets behind them, punching way above their weight. In addition to the high-profile stuff, we’ve also grown Sony Studio – reacting to the daily needs of Sony with agile content and quick turnaround day-to-day work, still requiring the same high levels of production you’d expect from the brand as well as consumer lifecycle CRM and web.

A few campaign highlights below:

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