Mclaren : 570GT Launch

Not content with creating the critically acclaimed, Porsche beating 570 Coupe, Mclaren designed the superlative 570GT – a more luxurious take on the brute force of the coupe, featuring a curved, glass roof and luggage compartment for the longer journey.

The 570GT is a thing of beauty with a ridiculous level of technical innovation on a parr with Nasa engineering and beyond anything else in the supercar sector – we were in awe of the thing and felt duty bound to create a campaign to do it justice.

We created a thematic world in which it lived; on a superficial, visual level our night sky vista invites us to look up from the cabin and through the glass roof, but it goes beyond that. When we look into the night sky, we look back in time, history, at physics, folk-lore, mathematics – the very edge of mans ingenuity to explore, or even understand space. Admired by all, but beyond our reach and obtainable to the very few.

And so our concept and narrative ‘ Taken Further’ was born, launched and crafted through all channels for the series both tonally and visually.

Watch the film >

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