Infiniti : A Fusion of Innovation

Infiniti were on the hunt for a brand partnership which would yield greater reach with less media buy.

We needed to aim high to find a worthy and relevant compatriot to a luxury car brand with exquisite engineering and attention to detail, and in Michelin Restaurant Guide the parallels between the innovative worlds of cooking and car design became evident very quickly.

With a curated list of 60 UK Michelin restaurants readied to provide VIP TasteMaker test-drive experiences for potential Infiniti customers we created a campaign highlighting visual similes between high end cuisine and state-of-the-art car design with eye-catching, mouth-watering teaser social posts and launch comms.

And to immerse our followers further, a beautifully shot 2 minute documentary (and numerous short cuts/stings/cinemagraphs/FB canvas ads) mirroring the shared passion, innovation, experiences and worlds of Michelin Chef, Mark Weaver and Infiniti Design Director, Matt Jarvis.

The latest in the TastMakers series see us delivering plaques to Michelin award winning chefs and broadening our reach with films based in Italy and France.

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