Infiniti : All Wheel Drive Campaign

With ‘The Drive to Become’ positioning well established, the All Wheel Drive winter brief followed hot on the heels of our summer campaign.

Range pieces can be tricky to pull off, but our concept marrying the drive and determination of three Olympian ultra-trithaletes, across three disciplines, in three different locations, each pitting one of three Infiniti’s against the element was simple to grasp and we were convinced we’d get an epic feeling campaign. It also saw the introduction of ‘Luxury lived in’ a welcome step away from showroom condition cars in adverts liberating us to show our triathletes throwing wetsuits, bags and wet goggles onto leather and driving the car realistically, we even convinced the client to shoot with a film of road dirt for authenticity.

This wasn’t about speed (Clearcast and ARRP would never allow that anyhow), but the endurance and commitment of our Ironmen (the dedication to training and digging in hard, the early mornings, the gritted teeth - pushing through the pain barrier and not being afraid to show it), sharing a common drive and passion in becoming the very best that they can by putting in the hard miles.

Shot in the alps over 5 days in sub-zero temperatures we captured a huge amount of footage and stills from a robust series of storyboards and shot-lists. Of course there is always the hero 30second film; for us the shorter form content was equally important - 15second tease edits featuring each triathlete, 5sec tease and pre-rolls, canvas ads for Facebook, Instagram and influencer content, a suite of back-plate/stills for CGI for Press/ OOH and toolkits for European markets. And beyond campaign/desire, web content and films demonstrating product features - stylistically in tune with the campaign, but more granular and informative.

All in all, a pan-european campaign for every conceivable channel in the spectrum and highly crafted to each.

TV, Cinema, OOH, Press, Digital, Social, Influencer