EDF Energy : Brand relaunch

The gestation period of a blue whale is 12 months. The calf weighs about 2.5 tonnes (2.8 short tons) and is around 7 metres (23 ft) in length.

For an EDF Energy brand relaunch, 18 months... and some. The majority of 2012 was spent wrestling with this top secret, ever changing brief in tandem with AMV BBDO.

And out of it plopped Zingy, an unusally formed, orange, amorphous character that the British public would take to thier bussom and and that would represent a completely different approach to the energy market.

We created a wide reaching campaign launching the new brand across digital, social, DM and press and devised CRM strategy and creative covering the entire customer lifecycle.

Press, Social, Direct Mail, e-comms, Digital Display