Canon : Creative Direction

We won the Canon business in 2015 after rescuing and successfully delivering an ATL campaign in a dizzying short amount of time from the incumbent agency.

Since then we have navigated huge changes in Canon’s infrastructure while growing the account and delivering successful Pan-European campaigns for the Proffesional Printing side of the business.

Highlights include:

Our ‘Be Exceptional’ campaign aimed initially at CEO level, big-business decision makers and later extended to target small/start-up businesses.

Our ‘Go Big’ Trek mountain bike product launch for the huge Canon Expo in Paris 2016 – essentially demonstrating every Canon touch point in a live marketing event. From shooting the advert on Pro-cameras, to editing and retouching stills and footage, to printing marketing literature and product packaging.

The launch of ‘Do what you love’ – a pan-euro campaign aimed at entrepreneurs and start-ups.

And in 2017 “#UNLEASHPRINT” our biggest and most successful campaign for Canon to date, taking them into an entirely new creative and brand direction while touching every conceivable channel from expo to social with bold headlines and design demonstrating the power of print.

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